Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to Capture FSX Screenshots in JPEG format

Your are flying your favorite flight simulator X airplane over a wonderful place on a very nice sunset, want to capture this "magical" moment and share it with your friends... how can you do it? keep reading.

The solution is pretty easy if you follow these steps.

1.- Hit "S" key to rotate view until you have a good one, use arrows keys to position the point of view as desired.

2.- Hit "V" key that is the default Flight Simulator X key to capture images.

3.- Minimize FSX and go to folder "My Pictures\Flight Simulator X Files".

4.- Sort folder by date and "Right Click" on the latest BMP file, then select open with... MS Paint

5.- Once the BMP image is opened on MS Paint, just choose to save it as JPG format.

6.- Go to your favorite website and upload it, for this tutorial I'm uploading it to FSX Screenshots section that also has a FSX screenshots contest :)

Click on the "Browse..." button, go to My Pictures\Flight Simulator X files folder and select your JPG screenshot, enter a good Media Name and Description, and Click Upload button.

Wait until the admin approve your contribution and go to Flight Simulator X screenshots section to view it published.

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